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Versus the World

Wake up before everyone else.

This is a way to get a major edge in your training, and your life. If you work a day shift, get up before the sun and get your workout done for the day. Take your shower. Have your coffee. Check all your news. By the time you get to work, it feels like you’ve paid yourself first, because you have. YOU get first dibs on your time, not your job.

You should try to get a lot of sleep, but sometimes life does its thing and you get to bed late. Get up early anyway. During these less-than-stellar mornings where motivation lags, I always have a go-to motivation: it’s me versus the world, and my enemies are asleep while I’m getting better.

Obviously, (most) people aren’t my enemies, but when I adopt this mindset, it kicks in the drive and I’m 100% invested in the workout, despite how tired I am.

This also applies if I’m on an afternoon shift. Getting off work at midnight, it’s tempting to crack a beer and collapse in front of the tv. Instead, I lift and sprint. While my enemies are getting fatter, weaker, and more unhealthy, I am improving. Plus, there’s something extremely peaceful about completing 20 hill sprints under the stars.

While you may have different motivational triggers, remember this: very few people actually care about your situation. Most people are indifferent at best, despite their feigned interest on social media. Additionally, most major industries actively (and handsomely) profit by making you and keeping you broke, indebted, weak, and unhealthy.

So it IS essentially you versus the world, from a certain point of view.

Make sure you have the edge you need to win.

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