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Build Your Foundation


Isn’t this the typical response when misfortune strikes and others seek to console you in the barest minimum way possible? I’ve heard it too many times to count. Everything falls apart, everybody sucks….but at least you have your health.

But, do you?

If the standard of “health” is “drawing enough oxygen to support a pulse”, then yes, you have your health. Is that the standard we should hold ourselves to? I don’t think so.

Far more common is to be clearly UNhealthy and either be void of possessions or have an excess of them. I bet if you took the vast majority of big, shiny vehicles or houses you see and compared them to the physical state of their owners, you’d see the stark contrast. The “toys” are immaculately kept and the owners are one can of pop away from massive heart attack.

People are willing to bury themselves up to their eyeballs in high-interest debt to live what they’ve been told is a good life, yet sacrifice the most essential ingredient of living a good life- LIVING.

What good are all those toys if you keel over and die climbing into your $60,000 truck? Sure, your kids (or dogs and cats, these days; children take away from selfish pursuits) could inherit them, but likely all they’ve gained is a pile of depreciated goods, a mountain of debt, and poor lifestyle habits.

If buying shiny toys is your thing, fine. But why not care for your body as well? Invest time in your physical well-being and live long enough to enjoy the rewards of all your hard work.

Your body is the foundation of who you are. If you are religious, then the body is the vessel for the soul. If you are a Darwinian, then consciousness is simply the result of random brain activity….which is part of the body, so it pays to keep it functioning until the lights go out. Its part of the foundation. Any way you cut it, it all starts with physical well-being.

Being healthier physically strengthens you mentally, both in self-image and fortitude. Once you’ve endured the physical strain and discipline required to change your body, life’s little stresses seem far less critical. You become capable of dealing with much more.

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