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Secure the Future

“It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war.”

  • Strengthen your body (train)
  • Strengthen your mind (read)
  • Have many children (with a spouse)
  • Raise them to be strong and honorable
  • Remove dependence on the system (create your own income, stop watching tv)
  • Learn to fight

That last one is a biggie. It can accomplish most or all of these simple steps at the same time (you may meet a future spouse on the mats!)

I have a lot of varied interests, and because of that, I often jump from hobby to hobby without ever getting too deep into any of them. This prevents me from any sort of mastery, and it is a constant struggle.

When I started training in mixed martial arts, all those other hobbies seemed to just fade away. The clarity of vision and sense of completeness before, during, and after training is unique.

And you must focus. If you stroll into sparring with a wandering mind, it could be a rough day for you. I’ve experienced that.

The system tells us to relax, have a good time, stop having kids, avoid stress, and leave life up to the authorities.

Don’t worry about your future- it’s in good hands.

Instead, let’s keep it simple. Be George Costanza.

Do the opposite.

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